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Born in Holguin, Cuba, educated at the Colegio Lestonnac, Havana University, and graduated from Trenton State College (The college of New Jersey). Having Fine Arts education and training in Cuba, Spain and the USA, I am an international artist that has participated in numerous group and solo shows. Also receiving an award for Photography for a picture published in the Delaware Beach Life magazine in 2007. As most current artists, the Impressionism era has influenced how we create art today. Contemporary art in its many forms fascinates me and influences my work.

My father Aurelio Valcarcel Sueiro was a portrait photographer. Watching the changes in the dark room, of the paper submerged on large pans filled with the photo chemicals was the best magic show for a child, looking how the face would develop slowly until it became a photograph. As a result, I developed a strong drawing background in portraiture since childhood. Years later, the application of color to my work, added the balance of emotions and life that I try to capture in the process of my portraiture.

The POLIMITA is the basis of my paintings of shells and their color and form reflects in my work. They are land snails found only in Cuba, in the region of Baracoa, not far from my hometown, (very rare and facing extinction). The colors developed on these shells by nature, are a reflection of the land and food they consume. No two are alike and the variations are infinite. They provide the nature’s anchor to a reality that evolves. They are my most intimate muse.

-- Ana M. Hamilton 2014

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